How to Turn a Duvet Cover into a Quilt

Back then, when I just started quilting as a teen, my mom was going to throw away the duvet cover of my bed as it had become old. My grandmother was an avid quilter as well, so when she saw Mom throwing out the duvet cover, she thought it would be a waste to throw away such a beautiful piece of fabric and decided to sew a quilt out of that old and shabby cover.

She just grabbed the cover and turned it into an attractive, eye-catching quilt which I later received as a birthday gift from my grandma. I was amazed at how she transformed the duvet cover into such an exquisite quilt. Later, she taught me how to do the whole thing, which made me even more interested in quilting.

In this post, I will share those steps with you so you can, too, sew a lovely quilt from your old duvet cover. Keep reading if you want to learn the whole process.

Turning a Duvet Cover into a Quilt (Steps)

There are many different ways to do this but since I’m a minimalist, I prefer the least complicated method. Just follow these steps one by one and you’ll have a really nice quilt.

  • Remove the cover from the duvet and seam-rip the other 3 sides so that you get 2 different pieces of fabric.
  • Choose any batting material that fits your preference (cotton, flannel, wool, polyester) and insert it between the front and back of the cover like a sandwich.
  • Now it’s up to you to quilt however you like. Stitch any pattern you desire! Look for pattern ideas on Pinterest or Instagram. You can also perform straight-line or diagonal quilting if you wish to keep it simple.

Tips: You can dye the duvet cover in a new color before making a quilt using it to restore or change its look. This will add a different layer of texture to the fabric and make it look like new.

Is it Worth Making a Quilt Using a Duvet Cover?

It’s really worth trying at least once! We typically throw away duvet covers when they are old. Shouldn’t we put a little effort and make use of the duvet cover by upcycling it into a quilt?

The good thing about using a duvet cover to make a quilt is that it costs less to complete the quilting project. This way you get a beautiful quilt, and you also save the money you would have spent on the fabric. It’s also fun because you can try new patterns or experiment with your own patterns without having to worry about messing up with a fabric that costs a lot. Are there any reasons why you shouldn’t consider making a quilt out of a duvet cover?


Can you turn a duvet cover into pillowcases?

Yes, you can turn a duvet cover into a pillowcase. Use the duvet cover as the outer fabric and back the pillow fronts with batting for a bit of extra structure. Lastly, finish by adding an invisible zipper.

Is it possible to turn a duvet cover into a comforter?

Yes, it is possible to turn a duvet cover into a comforter. Simply separate the two layers, trim away seams and the closure edge, add a layer, sew, and bind.

What batting to use when making a quilt from a duvet cover?

The choice is entirely yours. You can use any batting you prefer, though you should consider the season and the washability of the batting. If you want to make a summer quilt, choose lighter and breathable batting. In a cold region or during the winter, consider something warm and thick. Moreover, choose batting that is easy to care for and maintain.


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