Difference Between Quilt Cover and Duvet Cover

Many people wonder whether quilt covers and duvet covers are the same or if there is any difference between them. It’s logical to think of quilt covers and duvet covers as different items since they are addressed differently. However……

There is no difference between a quilt cover and a duvet cover. To put it simply, quilt covers and duvet covers are the same things under different names. Both covers can hold a quilt or duvet inside them, which means you can use any of them to cover your quilt, duvet, or doona.

How Are Quilt Covers and Duvet Covers Similar?

Quilt and duvet covers are the same because quilts and duvets have much in common. Quilts are composed of multiple layers of fabric layered upon each other with batting, which is a material that is used as a filler, and a duvet is a quilted blanket filled with natural or synthetic fibers. They are almost the same, aren’t they?

Quilts and duvets are also of the same size and are used for the same purposes. That’s what makes a quilt cover and a duvet cover the same as well. You can put a duvet into a quilt cover or choose to cover your quilt with a duvet cover, either will work.

The Reasons for The Different Names Despite Having The Same Purpose

In many cases, the term ”quilt cover” is used to refer to something that others would call a ”duvet cover”. So it would be appropriate to say that quilt covers and duvet covers are one and the same. Basically, both are used as a protective and decorative fabric that covers a quilt or duvet. However, depending on where you are located, the name of the cover will be different.

For example, in the United States quilt covers and duvet covers are treated as distinct items since quilts and duvets are categorized as different types of bedding. If you live in Australia, you may know quilt covers as doona covers. This is because quilt, duvet, and doona are all terms used to describe the same thing in Australia.


How to put on a quilt or duvet cover?

Turn the cover inside out and grab the top two corners. Align the corners with the top two corners of the doona and grasp firmly. Now shake well until the bottom two corners of the doona and the cover align. Lastly, zip up the cover.

Can duvet covers be used on a comforter?

A duvet cover can be used on a comforter, but there may be a size problem because duvet covers are typically smaller in size due to the size of the duvet itself, which can’t come all the way down the bed like a comforter. Therefore, the duvet cover may end up being a bit smaller than the comforter that matches the bed size. You may need to size up if you plan to pair your duvet cover with your comforter.

What is a doona?

A doona is a type of quilt, typically filled with natural or synthetic fibers, used as a blanket on a bed. It is usually much thicker, larger, and warmer than a regular blanket. Doona is mostly used in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, and is also known as a comforter or duvet in other parts of the world.

Is a quilt cover the same as a doona cover?

Yes, a quilt cover is the same as a doona cover. People who live in Australia usually use the term “doona” instead of “quilt”. Before the term doona became popular, Australians used to call it “continental quilt”.

What are quilts called in Europe?

In Europe, quilts are typically called “bedspreads” or “comforters”. They are usually made from two layers of fabric with a filler called batting, stitched together in decorative patterns.

Can duvet covers be used as a blanket?

Yes, they can be used as a blanket. Duvet covers are usually made from soft, warm materials like cotton or polyester, so they can be used to keep you warm and cozy. Additionally, they are lightweight and easy to move around, making them a convenient alternative to a traditional blanket.


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