How to Make Quilted Placemats

Welcome to the definitive guide on How to Make Quilted Placemats. We understand that you’re not just crafting a household item, but creating an expression of your style. Quilted placemats offer more than just a space to place your dishes; they offer a unique opportunity to elevate your dining experience. Let’s delve right into the process without further ado.

Essential Materials for Quilted Placemats

Before you embark on this creative journey, you’ll need the following items:

  • Fabric: Cotton or a blend
  • Batting: Low loft, cotton or polyester
  • Thread: High-quality quilting thread
  • Rotary Cutter: For precise fabric cuts
  • Quilting Ruler: For measuring accurately
  • Cutting Mat: To protect your surface
  • Sewing Machine: Ideally, with a walking foot attachment
  • Pins or Clips: To hold layers in place

Step-by-Step Guide to Cutting the Fabric

  1. Pre-Wash the Fabric: Pre-washing is crucial to prevent shrinkage later on.
  2. Iron the Fabric: Ensure the fabric is smooth to get precise cuts.
  3. Measure and Cut: Use your quilting ruler to measure and your rotary cutter to cut the fabric. For standard placemats, a 14×20 inch piece is often recommended.

Assembling the Quilted Placemat

Layer the Materials: Place the batting between two fabric pieces, ensuring the right sides face outward. Pin or clip these layers together.

Sew the Layers: Use your sewing machine to stitch the layers, leaving about 1/4-inch from the edge. Ensure your walking foot is attached to handle the multiple layers effectively.

Quilt the Design: You may opt for straight-line quilting or free-motion quilting. The key is to quilt all layers together to create your design.

Binding the Edges

Trim Excess Fabric: Trim off any uneven edges or excess material.

Prepare the Binding: Cut fabric strips about 2.5 inches wide for the binding. Fold them in half lengthwise and press.

Attach the Binding: Align the binding with the placemat’s edge and sew it into place, folding the raw edge underneath as you go.

Hand Stitch or Machine Stitch: For a finished look, you can either hand-stitch the folded binding or machine-stitch it in place.

Finishing Touches

Inspect Your Work: Before calling it complete, check for any loose threads or missed spots that may need a quick stitch.

Final Ironing: A final ironing will give your quilted placemat a polished look.

Wash and Dry: Finally, wash your placemat to ensure it’s ready for use. Opt for a gentle cycle to maintain the quilt’s integrity.

Tips for Perfect Quilted Placemats

  • Choose Complementary Colors: Opt for colors that complement your tableware and dining room décor.
  • Adjust Size According to Need: While standard placemats are 14×20 inches, you can adjust the size to your preference.
  • Experiment with Patterns: Don’t limit yourself to basic patterns. The more complex the design, the more visually stunning your placemats will be.


Quilted placemats are more than functional items; they are expressions of individual style and craftsmanship. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well on your way to making quilted placemats that not only serve their practical purpose but also add a touch of elegance to your dining table.


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